Representing thousands of hours of development, with the input from hundreds of actual motor coach owners, Version 4 of RV Commander – Pro Edition  packs in the most comprehensive set of features and functionality available on the market to provide all-inclusive management of your vehicle chassis, engine, transmission, body, tires, electrical, and plumbing sub-systems – plus much, much more!

Harnessing the power of mobile technologies like the iPad Pro, RV Commander – Pro Edition brings media rich, interactive, and dynamic information to life in the palm of your hand. From navigating the motor coach’s complex instrument clusters to managing technical systems like engines, generators, and the chassis, RV Commander simplifies access to documents and information through a simple touch interface.

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The new Dashboard feature gives you quick access to the most common functions – fuel fluids, preventive maintenance, repairs/service, pre-trip check, TOAD vehicle, destinations/maps, recalls, property, backup, and vehicle statistics (mileage, fuel used, generator run times, etc.

Preventive Maintenance

RV Commander – Pro Edition’s Preventive Maintenance functions are based on an 80/20 Proactive Maintenance Strategy. This strategy means that 80% of your maintenance/service initiatives should be planned in advance to reduce the possibility of premature component failure. By scheduling and tracking all of the preventive maintenance for your coach, you reduce unplanned downtime and keep long-term maintenance expenses to a minimum.  The PM dashboard summarizes Planned, Scheduled, Completed, and Past Due for 46 categories of preventive maintenance items and can email you when you get behind on your PM items.

Capture Build Images

RV Commander – Pro Edition now allows you to easily capture and track images, video and documents from your coach build using your iPad. This provides you with the ability to document the as-built design for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, hydraulic, water, and sewer lines. Documenting the as-built is vital to ensuring build errors are discovered, documented and addressed by the manufacturer prior to shipment of the coach.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Never trust just the dealer to conduct the pre-delivery inspection. The PDI is one of the most critical stages in determining any manufacturing defects and ensuring they are corrected before delivery to the coach owner.

The new Pre-Delivery Inspection function makes it easy to walk through a PDI by providing sixty-seven discrete areas to check within the interior, exterior, chassis, electrical, electronic, heating/cooling, plumbing, propane, safety devices, service record, tires and wheels, windows and glass, and warranties.

Intelligent PDI dashboards automatically summarize your documented issues and provide quick insight into what needs to be addressed by the dealer or seller.

Document issues, generate service repair requests, and track completion of defects and errors before taking delivery of the coach to better ensure a life-time of worry-free service from your coach investment. Quickly drill-down into problem areas and document with pictures and video, and see what needs to be fixed prior to delivery of your new coach.

When you are finished, click one button and generate a comprehensive multi-page PDF that summarizes all the issues and the corrective action that needs to be done to address the problems that have been identified during the PDI.

Use the PDI tool for a Pre-Delivery Inspection, a Post-Delivery Inspection, or to conduct your own Annual Inspection Reports.

Total Cost Of Ownership

The new TCO dashboard tracks your total cost of ownership and provides quick insight into 12 categories of expenses associated with your motor coach. Quickly drill down into costs associated with service, repairs, parts, insurance, fuel/fluids, and more.

Quality Analyzer Dashboard

The Quality Analyzer Dashboard provides near real-time updates on the status of repairs to your motor coach. Seven years of data on repairs are now analyzed for a variety of defect types (design defects vs. manufacturing defects, warranty type, etc.).

Service and Repairs

Let’s face it, your RV is going to need service from time to time. Minimize your problems and downtime on the road and help preserve your warranty status and safety by tracking items that need  maintenance, repair or service through the Repair/Service module.

When you perform maintenance or repair on your RV, you can track it to completion as RV Commander – Pro Edition allows you to track all service and maintenance-related documentation, parts, costs, and conversations you have with the service center.

Quickly drill-down into the component parts used to complete a repair and see all related repair/service order to better understand where previous repair attempt have been unsuccessful

At a glance quickly see all repairs and service, or slice it in real-time to see what the owner, manufacturer, or dealer has performed.

Apply advanced quality control algorithms to perform defect analysis on  each repair/maintenance service and better understand whether defects are design or manufacturing related, and whether they are material or workmanship related defects and/or part failures or whether they have reached end-of life.

Technical Documentation

Need to know how to change the coolant in the AquaHot system, reset the Spyder controls system, change out a slide motor, reprogram the DVD/NAV system, reset your TPMS, or swap out the HDMI splitter on the external TV? Documents, manuals, pictures, videos, schematics – all at your fingertips for every major sub-system in your RV.

Technical Documentation


Within the Body module, RV Commander – Pro Edition provides you comprehensive capabilities to maintain the exterior of your motorhome. Whether its keeping up with exterior maintenance, taking care of the technology integrated into the roof structure (AC’s, satellite systems, solar), or trying to find the part number for a replacement turn signal indicator on the front/rear cap of your motor coach, RV Commander – Pro Edition provides it all.

Body Module


Your tires are one of the most important items on your motor coach/toad. It is vital to maintain accurate temperature and pressure readings for coach/toad weight,  tire pressure, and to perform regular tire checks, rotations, and alignments. RV Commander – Pro Edition provides an easy to use mechanism to record your tire load/pressure specifications, perform regular tire inspections and pressure checks, and maintain records of tire maintenance, including alignments and rotations. In addition, an interface to your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) allows you to record TPMS defaults for cold inflation pressure, high pressure settings and low pressure settings, compare those to  readings obtained from the TPMS and keep those for historical purposes.



Traveling in your RV can sometimes be challenging with getting routes and directions to your favorite destination. RV Commander – Pro Edition provides a Trip/Destinations module provides all that and more, and allows you to track your travels and keep pictures and videos of your trip.

Directions and Expenses

Destinations Dashboard

The Destinations Dashboard now provides more comprehensive reporting on the trips you have taken – showing when and where you have been, along with GPS coordinates, engine and generator parameters, and what was spent on lodging/camping for each trip.

Document Content Management

Need to store copies of complex technical documentation, images, or video related to your motor coach? RV Commander Pro Edition makes it easy for you to capture and store documents, images, and/or video files. Quickly zoom in, preview, or play content directly from within the RV Commander application.


Need to quickly get directions to a location or just look up your next stop. No problem with QuickMap. Fully integrated with GoogleMaps, RV Commander – Pro Edition allows you to save location searches for the future and quickly find them if you don’t have an active internet connection.


Fuel and Fluids

When you have your next trip planned, you can rely on the Fuel/Fluids module to keep up with the costs and expenses. Capture costs and receipts for fuel, DEF, oil, coolants, transmission/hydraulic fluids, propane, and other expenses related to your trip. With RV Commander – Pro Edition, tracking expenses has never been easier.

You also have comprehensive graphing capabilities with RV Commander – Pro Edition. See quickly your fuel usage on any given day and keep running totals of fuel/fluid expenses.

Graphing Capabilities

Note: graphs and charts are no longer available in the run-time versions. 

TOAD Vehicle

Your Toad is an integral part of your journey and needs as much attention and care as your RV. RV Commander – Pro Edition puts you in command of tracking your fuel and vehicle maintenance, documentation and service on your tower/baseplate/braking system, insurance and other expenses.

RV Commander – Pro Edition allows you to track vehicle maintenance, provides quick access to information about your Toad’s insurance, tow bar, base plate, and braking system to help ensure you Toad is ready to go and is with you when you reach your destination. Got more than one TOAD?  No problem, it’s covered!

Personal Property

Your motor coach likely contains a significant amount of personal property – and RV Commander – Pro Edition provides you with  everything you need to capture and track all of your personal assets that are within the motor coach. Manage personal property by item category, acquisition date, location, cost, and keep copies of important receipts and warranty/documentation for insurance purposes.

Personal Property

But What About??

We’ve only hit the highlights here. There’s many more features and capabilities within RV Commander – Pro Edition So much more that there’s not enough space to describe them all.  And we’re continually improving and refining RV Commander – Pro Edition and with our Get It for Life Guarantee, you can have lifetime access to updates and maintenance releases. You can be assured that for as long as you own your coach you will have access to any future revisions or upgrades that we make.

So what are you waiting for. To grab a license of RV Commander – Pro Edition,  Click Here and we will help you get started.

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