Announcing Version 1.3 of RV Commander Pro Edition

Version 1.3 of RV Commander Pro Edition has been released. If you are a prior licensee we wanted to let you know that we have posted Version 1.3 of the RV Commander application for Mac, Windows, and iOS iPad Pro. As a prior licensee, you can update your current version at no cost.


What This Update Contains

This release of Version 1.3 of RV Commander Pro Edition for Windows /8/10, Mac OS, and iOS-iPad Pro updated the sorting for the Generator Test Runs portal (by date, by end run hours (descending)); added “Business Stay” trip type under destinations and created reporting format for “Business Stays” on the Trip Type portal; updated TCO calculation for Trip stays – business, personal, service/repair, storage.

Importing From A Previous Version
If you are upgrading from Version 1.2 or below, then be sure to follow the instructions for updating your existing database. These instructions are found in the folder with the version upgrade  (RVC v1 Install Instructions.pdf).
We will continue to make more enhancements over the coming months. In order to take advantage of these and future enhancements, we encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible. 
Thank you once again for all the input we have received to date on feature requests and bug fixes.
Thanks again and hope you find it useful.