We recently shipped Version 1.8 of RV Commander – Pro Edition! RV Commander Pro Edition drives insight and visibility into technical systems, tracks total cost of ownership and quality, and ensures road readiness for discriminating motor coach owners.

Version 1.8 provides significant updates to the main dashboard, consolidating many of the graphs and charts into a new dashboard portfolio (parts/labor, warranty vs non warranty work, generator usage, and updated document content manager. We also added a new Trip Planner module that allows you to plan trips with single or multiple segments and track these trips from start to completion. Performance metrics are now included to allow you to compare plans vs actuals in trips. We’ve also added a new owner website module to allow you to go to your favorite website from directly within RVC.

We think you will like the new changes and as always encourage you to let us know if something isn’t working right or you feel we should add new functionality.

All existing users are encouraged to download and update their previous versions when we post the update.

You can try RV Commander Pro Edition for up to 30 days risk free! Click Here for more info and to download the latest version.


Benefits of RV Commander

RV Commander Pro Edition protects the owner’s substantial investment in the motor coach, preserves warranty status, ensures critical coach sub-systems are well-maintained, thereby decreasing cost-of-ownership and improving long-term resale value. RV Commander Pro Edition provides coach owners with simplified and rapid access to complex technical documentation, maintenance specifications and service schedules, operating instructions and procedures. The integrated desktop/mobile solution offers minimalist design and media-rich capabilities, and is extensible, and configurable to meet the coach owner’s discriminating needs.